Client:  City of Toronto
Project: T22-186 – Clydesdale Park – Pleasantview Tennis Clubhouse Improvements
Closing Date and Time: Fri. Decmeber 2, 2022 – 12:00pm


Request for Tender Process (.pdf)
Tender Drawings (.pdf)
Tender Specifications (.pdf)

Construction Agreement (.pdf)
Drawings and Specifications (.pdf)
DSS Report (.pdf)
Existing Drawings (.pdf)
Form B – Bid Bond (.pdf)
Form C – Experience and Qualifications Requirements (.pdf)
Form D – List of Subcontractors Form (.pdf)
Instructions to Pricing Form (.pdf)


Addendum #1 (.pdf)
Addendum #2 (.pdf)
Addendum #3 (.pdf)
Addendum #4 (.pdf)