A list of our services

From service work to design/build projects.

  • General contracting services
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Design/build services

Anacond Contracting Inc. has been serving the Greater Toronto area for more than two decades from small to large renovation and construction projects in the commercial field.

From maintenance and repair, to interior renovations, to design/build projects, Anacond focuses on our clients’ needs and their unique project requirements throughout all phases of the work. We consistently maintain the highest standard of service excellence and have developed a reputation for high quality work, innovative and cost-effective solutions and superb customer service.

General Contracting

Anacond Contracting’s general contracting service is a common approach to the development and construction of a project, which is set out by specific contract documents specially put together by a prime design consultant who has been hired by the client directly. Although the general contracting tenders are competitively bid, we disclose the tender component costs and work closely with our clients during the course of construction to mitigate any additional costs associated with unforeseen site conditions, design refinements, and tender document inconsistencies.

Maintenance & Repair

Anacond employs an experienced, courteous team of trade professionals to provide our clients with responsive, economical and efficient building repair and maintenance services. Replacement or corrective emergency repairs or general repairs and maintenance of building components are performed to mitigate any disruption to our clients’¬†normal business operations.


Combining Anacond’s management expertise with the experience and creativity of selected architects, interior designers, engineers, and consulting professionals, we provide full service, end-to-end construction services. This includes design services, initial concept and cost estimation, blueprint development, detailed project estimation and planning (including obtaining permits), and building and construction.